Qatar Watches


Honestly, these watches have absolutely no warranty. As soon as they leave the factory, there is no warranty for these watches. The movements of our watches are quite reliable and we hope that you will enjoy your watch for years. They are checked by the factories and once we receive the watches we check also that everything is functioning properly. If we notice something strange we send them back to get it exchanged with another piece of the same model.

Indeed, we have no after-sales-services, but if nevertheless an issue occurs, we will do our best to guide you to a solution. It may be necessary that your watch needs some service and oiling as most watches, which we offer here on the website, have automatic or mechanic movements; they will need sometimes a kind of service, especially in hot countries. We are not a watchmaker nor technicians, so please don’t ask us to do that service for you. Please follow these steps:

In case of selfwinding automatic movements: 1. Wind your watch manually for around 50 times. 2. Shake it like a mad cow for around four minutes. 3. Wear the watch for more than one day.

In case of mechanic handwinding movements: Wind it manually until you reach a kind of resistance. Don’t force winding when the resistance is reached.

In case of Quartz: Replace the battery.

If the issue is still present, go to some experienced watch technician to get a service (automatic and mechanic movements) and a check.

Refund & Exchange

As soon as your ordered watches leave the factory: Returning the watch, exchange and refund are not possible anymore.

Watch Box, Papers & Cards

If not mentioned otherwise in the description: Please bear in mind that these watches come without watch boxes, papers and cards.

Service & Repair for local people

– Mr. Quality: Basement level in City Center. There is a small place repairing and servicing watches, shoes and other things. Good for shortening bracelets and for little problems.

– Mr. Quality: Basement level in Ezdan Mall. Good for shortening bracelets and for little problems.

– Time & Tune Centre (shop inside black building): Jabr bin Mohammad Street (Back side Swiss Bell Hotel and near Fanar). They have fully equipped watch repairing workshop with experienced watch technicians and they accept all brands for repair. Phone: 44424844. Adress available in Google Maps.

– Any shop in the Gold Souq, just ask around.

Factory repair

If nothing helped you might have the opportunity to send it back to factory for a repair, but that is costly and extremely time consuming. Perhaps you have to pay around 300 QAR for shipping only and it will take months to get it back. So we do not recommend this final step, but we offer it, after communicating it with the factories. We may refuse to do that if the corresponding factory refuses it also.

Finally: If you are looking for a fully serviced watch with warranty, go for the original one. We are sorry, but there is no chance to do or offer more than that.

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