Qatar Watches

I. Date

1. Never quick-set the date using the second level of the crown, if the hour hand is between 10pm and 2am, as the date changing system starts at around 10pm and ends around 2am. (Chronograph between 7pm and 3am)
2. Never change the date, unless the watch has enough power and is running.

II. Usage & Service

3. Use the crown gently, wind the crown gently. Screw in the crown gently, if you feel resistance, screw out again and then screw in again. Never force extremely, so that the thread inside the crown doesn’t get a damage. Switching between the crown levels may sometimes cause that the crown doesn’t click well in the basic level, push it few times to make sure that it clicked into the basic charging level.
4. Like a car a watch needs sometimes a service (oiling parts and cleaning). You can do that in Time and Tune center in front of Swiss Bell hotel (mentioned in Google Maps) or any other watch smith. The rotor plate can also be made more silent by doing a service. A service before first usage is also recommended.
5. From time to time check the screws that they are fastened tightly. Check them also immediately after receiving the watch. Very loose screws can be glued with a low strength threadlocker like Loctite Threadlocker 222. Proper screws are hard to get, take care of them.

III. Materials & Water resistance

6. Polished metal can be polished with a cod or polishing machine. Brushed metal should not be polished, but scratches on brushed metal may be removed with a Scotch-Brite handpad.
7. Ceramic is stone, don’t drop it. Bronze oxidizes with air and changes its surface. It gets a patina which can be removed, for example with ketchup, but the patina is intended.
8. If your watch has gold plating: the plating has different thickness. A 18k plated watch has a thickness of around 5 mils. The most expensive plated watch has 15-20 mils of thickness. This plating will last long, if you take care of it: clean it with a cloth after every wear by removing sweat and keep it away from water. Don’t polish the plating. Don’t hit it against anything. Store it far away from other materials, jewelry and accessories.
9. Watches are claimed to be waterproof by factories, but we don’t advise entering the water with any replica watch, unless you get it waterproofed by a watch smith. Never enter water with leather.

IV. Mechanic Movement / Chronograph Automatic / Automatic / Tourbillon

10. If your watch is an automatic or a chronograph movement, it gets power through gentle winding of the crown or / and through kinetic movement of your wrist.
11. If your watch is a solely hand-wound mechanic movement, winding of the crown has a limit, if you reach that limit, you will feel resistance, so don’t force it, otherwise you will break the crown and the winding system. Mechanic movements are not automatic and get their power through winding only. Expensive Tourbillon movements are also hand-wound mechanic movements.
12. If your watch is a Chronograph (many sub dials on the main dial): Chronograph can be started / stopped with the pusher at 2 o’clock and you can reset it at 4 o’clock. Never reset while the Chronograph second hands (long second hands) is running. First stop with the pusher at 2 o’clock, then reset with the pusher at 4 o’clock. The style of a Chronograph is that the long second hands of the Chronograph should be left non-running at 12 o’clock. Recommendation: Leave it at 12 o’clock and don’t play around with it, even if the watch is an original. Don’t use the pushers if the watch has no power.

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